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Best Sellers

This is a small selection of our best-selling products.  They may help to illustrate the wide range of applications we cover with our range.


As ever, we are always pleased to consider requests for your individual requirements, or to match existing products.

Concrete Clean Concentrate is a specially formulated chemical for deep cleaning of heavily soiled, grease encrusted and oil soaked concrete floors. The powerful blend of materials ensures rapid penetration deep into the porous surface, breaking up the dirt and soiling and lifting them from the surface to be easily cleaned away by washing or vacuuming.

Odourless, non-volatile, does not harm paintwork, and containing a brightening agent which helps restore even the most heavily soiled floors to their original colours, the product actually keys the cleaned surface to provide a non-slip surface.

Can also be used for brightening aluminium, removing welding discoloration from stainless steel, cleaning swinning pools and removing rust stains.
Developed to utilise the remarkable properties of natural citrus solvents, allied to specially selected additives, this product removes most types of soiling including heavy industrial grime, grease, fat etc. It rinses clean away leaving no residue, has a pleasant natural citrus odour and is naturally rust inhibiting.

Ideal for cleaning items from small delicate mechanisms to large industrial machines, walls, floors, paintwork, plastics, tiles, metals, tools, equipment - a very versatile product.
Very powerful drain cleaner. Dissolves most organic matter - particularly effective on food fats and detergent residues. Works effectively to restore the efficiency of drainage systems.

Highly concentrated, and particularly useful in locations where a non-acidic solution is preferred.
A powerful non-flammable fast-breaking foaming cleaner. When sprayed on the item to be cleaned, the product "bursts" into a thick creamy foam which stayys where it was sprayed and does not run off - even on vertical surfaces.

This allows equipment to be cleaned "in place" and because the foam sits ON the surface, it does not saturate the substrate. This is particularly useful for cleaning fabrics or any equipment where it is specifically the surface which needs cleaning.
An economical high performance product formulated to clean and polish wood, plastics, and most hard surfaces. Also includes a special wax component which polishes to a high gloss finish and incorporates an anti-static agent, to keep the cleaned surfaced free from dust.
A very powerful sanitising disinfectant manufactured to the strongest BSI approved standard (BS6264). Even at 100:1 dilution, still kills 99.99% of all known germs. The product also has a residual bactericidal function to inhibit subsequent bacterial growth.

Unlike other disinfectants, HSD also contains cleaning agents to clean as well as sanitise.

Available in Odourless, Lemon, Pine, Floral and Cologne scents.
A specially formulated blend of cleaners and polishes for the cleaning of stainless steel fabrications and equipment.

Removes workday grime, dust and finger marks to give a high sheen finish. Can be used on both polished and brushed steel to produce a stunning finish.
An anti-static window and glass cleaner, with a combination of ingredients to provide an excellent and effective cleaner for windows, glass and plastic surfaces.

Incorporates special additives to impart an outstanding sparkle - resists re-soiling and misting even in humid conditions.

This formulation was used by the Thurst SSC team when they broke the World Land Speed Record to clean all camera lenses for onboard monitoring, the instrument panel, and the cockpit canopy.
A remarkably powerful and versatile cleaner and degreaser. Completely emulsifies oil and grease etc, thereby ensuring completely residue free cleaning. Completely replaces caustic or paraffin type cleaners.

Extraclean also contains a powerful bactericide, which also kills fungi and algae.

Extraclean is odourless and tasteless, and is ideal for use in food processing. It is highly concentrated, non-flammable, water based, and non-caustic.
A high performance industrial lubricant, especially useful in high pressure applications as it completely blocks any "metal to metal" contact .

Used on lathes and grinders it facilitates closer tolerances, higher loadings and will outlast most commonly used lubricants. Reduces frictional heat in bearings, reduces breakages of taps and drills.
A professional insecticide, formulated for professional use. Contains Permethrin and Tetramethrin to ensure quick and efficient action. Pleasantly perfumed.
A powerful acidic cleaner and descaler, whilst remaining virtually fumeless.

Ideal for use on all stainless steel and cast iron equipment. May be used as supplied or diluted up to 1:8. Can also be used for cleaning and descaling of small parts of dismantled equipment.
The ultimate in flood applied metal working lubricants. A water soluble, low foaming formulation, designed to produce a high quality finish and extended tool life. It contains no phenolic or cresylic compounds.

Also incorporates a Biocide to prevent the growth of bacteria and rancidity, helping it to stay fresh and eliminate odour problems associated with similar products., together with highly effective corrosion inhibitors.
An antiseptic heavy duty Hand Cleaner, containing lanolin for skin conditioning. Free from any harmful solvents and abrasives; this product dissolves all industrila grease grime etc leaving your skin clean dry and supple.

Contains a powerful antispectic bactericide to kill harmful germs and bacteria, sanitise cuts and grazes, and prevent the spread of disease and infection.
A high strength industrial grade deodorising spray for use wherever unpleasant odours are a problem. CPR is non-toxic and safe for use in all areas. It may be diluted, according to the application, up to 1:200 with water.

Can be used effectively around sewage treatment areas, disposal areas, foul drainage systems, lavatories, hospitals, schools etc. Available in a variiety of pleasant scents.
(Economy or Hi-Active)
A specially formulated highly active product incorporating 'Citrus Technology' for use in both pressure washers and hand washing. Iy quickly and easily shifts the heaviest film, grease and dirt from cars, vans, coaches and lorries etc.

Autowash raises soils from the coachwork for easy removal by hose or water jet, removing the need for mechanical agitation. This removes the problem of fine surface scratching, while leaving the surface clean, bright and glossy.

A highly concentrated product (Hi-Active version) this can be diluted up to 1:250 with water, although we would recommend between 1:50 and 1:120 for heavy soiling.

Autowash may also be used for general degreasing and cleaning of floors, paintwork etc.